Multiple entrees at Big Daddy's

Big Daddy's

Big Daddy's joke of the week: A man goes to a pet shop, where he sees a talking dog.  After chatting to it for 10 minutes, he buys the dog.  Later he goes to the bar and says, "I bet anyone $5 that this dog can talk." A number of people take the bet, but the dog remains silent, and the man is forced to pay out. Puzzled, the man takes the dog home, where it starts chatting away again. Next day the man returns to the bar and bets everyone $10 that the dog can talk.  To the man's astonishment, the dog clams up and won't say a word. After paying out on his bets the man takes the dog outside and says, "I'm taking you back to the shop. You're absolutely useless!" "Wise up," says the dog, "Think of the odds we'll get tomorrow."...Now that's a good dog.

We have 35 million laws to enforce the 10 commandments

Our full name is "Big Daddy's Burger Happiness Emporium, Air-Conditioned Cocktail Lounge and Pizzeria. Home of the Jack Burger," but that doesn't fit on a hat, so we just call it Big Daddy's!

Located at 21 W. Davenport street, we are the perfect place to meet your friends for food and fun. Our friendly atmosphere and great people make this the best place to enjoy the Rhinelander area.