Wednesday-Friday: we offer our "Buck Off" Happy Hours from 2 pm-6 pm.

Wednesday: 12", 3-topping Pizza and a Pitcher of Beer* for $15.

Thursday: 3 of our Home-made, Crisp-cooked Rolls for $9.99 with this In-house special. Plus, FREE POOL

Friday: Old Fashion Friday! $2 for Rail, $5 for Call and $8 for Premium whisky or brandy from 2 to 6 p.m.

Saturday: $20 Wrist Band Night!  Yes, the bottomless cup includes Captain Morgan, Malibu, Rail Mixed Drinks and Domestic Tap Beer. The special goes all night (provided you don't lose your cup)! Be sure to use #SafeRide. Starts at 8:00 and sales are limited. 

Sunday: Sunday Funday with the Sign-In Drawing at 3:15 p.m. The sign-in drawing costs $5 per week to be included and when you sign-in, I buy you a drink! If you are signed in and present at the drawing, you win the whole pot, if you are signed in and not present, you win 1/2 the pot, if you are not signed in, you win nothing but gratitude from the other participants because the pot just rolled over and got bigger! New people may join the Sign-In contest until the pot reaches $500. After that $500 threshold has been reached, we don't accept new members; stop in and ask me what my nightmare scenario is. 

Reasons to join Sign-In:

1) You can Win Cash 

2) You get a FREE DRINK when you sign-in 

3) You get to yell at me for not picking your number